About HealthyPlants.com


My name is Anna Simonova and I am not a doctor. I am an editor, teacher, and researcher.

I am 52 years old. Over the years my body accumulated a variety of health problems. Here are some of them: chronic back pain, chronic constipation, bouts of migraines, low calcium level, beginning arthritis and joint pain, anxiety and insomnia, menopause with mood swings, irritability, sweating and hot flashes.

My mom is a doctor. All her life she has been heavily relying on pharmaceutical drugs. Since I was an infant, I knew – if something is wrong with your body, if you feel sick or are in pain – take a pill. Yet, at some point of my life pills stopped being only helpful, they started creating new problems for me, for which I had to take more pills.

I was forced to look at my problems from another perspective. Could I feel better and reduce my drug intake at the same time? Was it possible to find a different solution, that wouldn’t have harmful side effects?

This is what started my interest in herbs and plants.

Actually, I’ve been a passionate cook all my life and enjoy making my meals at home from scratch. Several years ago I started a small kitchen garden on my porch that is getting bigger and bigger every year as I discover new interesting culinary herbs.

So my interest in herbs had some basis in my love of cooking and gardening.

It turned out that all plants have some medicinal properties. The more I learned, the more fascinated I became of this new, wonderfully complex world of herbal remedies.

Little by little I got almost all my health problems under control. I figured out which laxative tea helped me with constipation, by trial and error I found the best herbal tea for insomnia, I discovered herbs that helped me to get rid of the migraines and gave me more energy and endurance during the day. I stopped taking pain killers for my arthritic and back pain. Moreover, I’ve been able to help people that I know: insomnia, cold and flu, cough, headaches can be treated successfully with herbal remedies.

I learned that some herbs are very powerful and should be used only in small doses with doctor’s supervision. Some – interact with pharmaceutical drugs. Some – act better together with other herbs.

I am not an herbalist or botanist, but, since I’ve been working with dictionaries for many years, I decided to organize and catalogue all my findings on this website. My first goal was to make the data easily accessible to myself and other people. My second goal was to enhance, update, complement, and add new information to the data already available. We can all benefit from sharing the information. I would appreciate your feedback about the topics on this site or the website in general. Please share your knowledge and experiences with natural remedies.

Together we can help more people.