Healthy living and medical conditions

It is a scientific fact that the food we eat can make our diseases and medical problems better or worse. Do you know that coffee or a plant called “feverfew” can help with migraines and headaches? Do you take any pain medication? Sugar makes us more sensitive to pain, less sugar we consume, less pain we feel.

Using food as a medicine is an ancient concept. Actually, plants were our ancestors’ first remedies. The idea that diet can influence your health exists in every culture around the world. The increasing interest in herbalism and natural remedies was inspired by the growing understanding of some evident home cures’ advantages. Not only plants and foods can help you to alleviate some symptoms (cough, runny nose etc.). The alternative and complementary medicine addresses the root of the problem, helps to reduce the risk of illness, to keep you healthy. The principal objective of healing plants is disease prevention.


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