Pine pollen

Main Facts about Pine pollen

Pine pollen
You may be familiar with these yellow particles that tend to dust your car every spring. Pine pollen is the male spore of the pine tree and has been used for thousands of years. A pollen grain is microscopic in size and looks like a mickey mouse head where each of the "ears" are concave to catch the wind so it can flow to the female cones on other trees or even onto the same tree to successfully pollinate them.

Using Pine pollen

Pine Pollen is a tonic medicine, meaning that it can be used over a course of time, without it having toxic effects on your body. It is also adaptogenic so it will cater to exactly what your body needs and treat any areas of distress. Pine Pollen has the potential to increase immune and endocrine function, reduce sensitivity to pain, lower cholesterol, stimulate liver regeneration; it is an anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, and anti-tumor. Pine pollen powder benefits all living things by being the most potent plant source of testosterone known. In China, where pine pollen has been used for thousands of years, it is considered one of the beauty tonics for women. Several of its compounds support both elastin and collagen.

Pine pollen is a remedy for: Arthritis, Weight loss


Some people are allergic to pollen, take a tiny bit first (1/8 tsp) and see how you react. Gradually build up as your body adapts to its potency. Adolescents (especially males age 20 or younger) should avoid using pine pollen powder due to their budding hormone levels. Supplementation with any type of bio-identical hormone at puberty or younger is discouraged since this can affect the bodies ability to produce that hormone normally later on in life.

How to grow Pine pollen

You can harvest your own pine pollen and then make your own tincture. Find out what time of year in your area the pine trees pollinate (when yellow powder coats everything). Usually mid April for northern countries. You can place the bag over the ends of the pine tree branches and gently knock the cones to get the pine pollen yellow powder to fall off into the bag.